American Fire Command Class

American Command is a unique course taught by Chief Halton that covers the basics of command. Not command as a fireground function but command as a way of life for the American fire officer and senior firefighter. Officers learn the art of command from their seniors in their first days as firefighters and cadets. Learning how to counsel, advance skills and knowledge in the art and science of firefighting is the basis of command. In this interactive program chief Halton will cover an overview of the command phenomena, students will participate in analysis of today’s field issues look at a list of major trends in each topic, discuss potential research work and books on those specific topics and engage in reflection and discussion regarding command issues the American fire service.


  • The Firefighter
  • Honor Enough
  • Loyalty and Service
  • No Left Behind
  • The Fallen
  • Duty Honor Country
  • Married to Heroes

  • Teaching and Service
  • The Breakaways 
  • The Firefighters Creed
  • The Sourdough Boys
  • Resilience Gus’s Third Boy
  • Teamwork
  • Strength and Honor

  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Joe Louis and Ward Parker
  • Drift and Influence
  • Managing the Unexpected
  • Celebrity and Heroes
  • The Principles of the American Fire Service

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9 hours ago

Bobby Halton

Excellent work

ABC 7 Chicago
DRAMATIC RESCUE: Chicago firefighters rescued a paraplegic man from a burning home in Englewood Monday morning.
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9 hours ago

Bobby Halton

Great info from Walt Lewis

Considerations for Adult Victims
Walt Lewis and company discuss some considerations for dealing with adult victims, including ways to simulate dealing with potential injuries and slipperiness.
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9 hours ago

Bobby Halton

A thorough overhaul is imperative. The first time we go to a fire, it’s our job. The second time we go to the same fire - it’s OUR FAULT. How are you going to explain a LODD or even an injury at a rekindle?! In the culture I came up in, being the last company to leave and having a fire rekindle was about the biggest shame and blasphemy that could happen. It would easily result in an assignment transfer if not disciplinary action.
Clean & wet. Any building material that has sustained heat needs to be pulled back. Windows & doors should be trimmed to the studs. Areas that are double studded or where framing members meet are common areas for heat to fester and rekindle. FLUFFY stuff must be removed. Furniture, mattresses, carpet, piles of clothes - gotta go. It’s work, but firefighting is work. Just as in this photo, all effected areas must be thoroughly opened up and wet down.
For things that can’t be removed - “make it float”. A wise and simple thought from an old truck officer of mine. If it’s floating in water, it’s hard for it to catch back on fire.
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There is NO such thing as a rekindle. You didn't have it out when you left.

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Who Is Bobby Halton

Fire Chief Bobby Halton ret. is currently editor in chief of Fire Engineering magazine and education director of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC). Chief Halton began his career in structural firefighting with the Albuquerque Fire Department and rose through the ranks to include chief of training. Bobby was chief of operations until his retirement from Albuquerque in 2004. He then became chief of the Coppell (TX) Fire Department, Bobby left Coppell to assume the duties as editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine.

Chief Halton is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, left a member in good standing with the International Association of Fire Fighters, is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and has served on several of the National Fire Protection Association technical committees. He is active with the National Fallen Firefighters the Congressional Fire Services Institute and the Firefighters Cancer Support Network. He has done extensive speaking and training for the fire service in the United States and internationally.

Specialties: USAR, Structural firefighting specialist, Haz Mat, Terrorism, EMS, Wildland interface.

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